Shopping For Boat Lifts

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boat lifts

A boat lifts your watercraft elevated and out of the water when not in use, preventing rust and damage caused by rain and waves. A lifted boat also keeps algae and moss from building up on the surface of your vessel which can save money in repairs over time. Plus, a well-maintained boat lift adds value to your property.

Raising the Standard: Everything You Need to Know About Boat Lifts

Before you go shopping for a boat lift, take the time to assess your needs. Consider the size and weight of your boat, your location and any desired features you want in your lift. A qualified marine installer can help you navigate the wide selection of models available, making sure you find a lift that is the right fit for your needs and budget.

The type of lift you choose will be determined by your geographic area and the type of weather you encounter. For example, if your waterfront is located in an area known for rough waters or frequent storms, you will want to invest in a more heavy-duty lift that offers more reinforcement and bracing to withstand the pressure of the current and waves.

When shopping for a boat lift, make sure it can accommodate your total boat load including passengers and equipment. Many boat lift manufacturers offer maximum capacity ratings to help you make a smart purchase. Abiding by recommended capacities will ensure the longevity of your lift and its components.

A freestanding lift, such as a vertical or cantilever lift, sits on its own legs adjacent to your dock and can be operated manually, electrically or hydraulically. They work best on a firm, level bottom and typically require water depth of about two feet to nine feet.

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