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Video marketing can boost customer conversions, reduce site bounce rates, and help you rank higher in search results. But if you want to make your YouTube videos more successful, you need to understand your audience and how they engage with them. Click here for YouTube growth solutions

The quickest way to see channel and video performance is to use YouTube Analytics. This tool provides a detailed breakdown of metrics like year-over-year channel growth and first 24-hour video performance. You can also access more advanced metrics by clicking Advanced Mode in the upper right corner. This reveals a deeper look at metrics for individual videos and allows you to download reports to Google Sheets or a csv file.

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Views per unique viewer: This metric lets you know how many people are watching your videos and how often they watch them. Viewers who watch your videos multiple times are your most loyal fans, so it’s important to ask them to engage with your content by commenting and subscribing. If you notice a drop in your subscriber count, it could indicate that your video topics aren’t resonating with viewers.

To speed up your YouTube audience growth, try participating in popular social media trends and challenges. Be sure to research the trends carefully and choose ones that align with your brand. Otherwise, you’ll run the risk of attracting casual viewers who won’t stick around long enough to become a devoted fan.

Who is Cobratate?


Known by the moniker tales of wudan, Emory Andrew Tate III is an American-British media personality and former professional kickboxer. Tate came to the attention of the public in 2016 when he appeared on the British reality show Big Brother. He has since gained a wide following for promoting dubious money-making schemes, and sinister misogynistic views on his widely followed social media accounts. A cloned Twitter account bearing Tate’s name has recently been promoting cryptocurrency scams. This article was updated in July 2023.

Benefits of Private Rehab

Today, there is a multitude of treatment options that are available to those suffering from substance abuse. The choices range from public or state-funded programs to private pay rehab facilities. These facilities differ in program backgrounds, focuses, specialties, and locations. It is important to understand the differences between these treatment options in order to make the most informed decision possible for your unique circumstances. Read

The first difference is that public or state-funded programs are often not as credentialed or well-rounded in their offerings. Typically, these programs are also limited in their staffing and in the resources they can devote to creating a broad spectrum of therapeutic accompaniments for their guests. Many private pay facilities are able to invest in this area of their programming and offer guests a more comprehensive clinical experience.

Luxury and Recovery: Exploring Upscale Private Rehab Facilities

In addition to this, private rehab programs are often able to provide greater access to care for their guests. Depending on the facility, this can mean that there is a shorter wait to be admitted into the program, which can greatly improve a person’s chances of success in their recovery journey.

Another great benefit of private addiction treatment is that these centers are usually able to host a smaller number of clients at a time. This reduces group sizes, making it easier for people to build trust and develop meaningful relationships. This connection-conducive environment is essential in the healing process of substance abuse and recovery.

Emu Vs Ostrich

The emu vs ostrich are two of the world’s largest flightless birds. The emu is native to Australia and the second-largest living bird, while the ostrich is native to Africa and is the tallest and heaviest. Both of these giant birds live in dry, semi-desert habitats and are diurnal, meaning they are active during the day. They both have long legs and can run at impressive speeds. They can cover a lot of ground with just one stride, allowing them to quickly outrun any predator. Both of these birds are also able to defend themselves with nasty, dangerous kicks.

While they share some similarities, the emu and ostrich are not closely related. Their closest evolutionary kin is the cassowary, a bird that is larger and even more powerful than an ostrich. Ostriches and emus belong to an infraclass of birds called paleognaths, but they have very different body plans and a more primitive palate (mouth roof) than other birds.

Legends of Flightlessness: Comparing the Emu and Ostrich

Although both ostriches and emus can run at tremendous speeds, their feet are very differently designed. Ostriches have two toes on each foot, whereas most birds have three.

Another difference between the ostrich and emu is that ostriches have a much deeper breast than emus. This is because ostriches are more scavenging and feed on waste material, such as dead animals and vegetable matter. The emu has more of a prey-like appearance since it is primarily a hunting bird that stalks small mammals and reptiles. The ostrich, on the other hand, is more like an apex predator and relies on speed and agility to catch its prey.

CBD Gummies For Pain Relief

CBD Gummies for Pain Relief

CBD Gummies for Pain Relief  trending in the wellness world and have become a go-to natural remedy for pain. Why opt for OTC meds or opioids with nasty side effects when you can nosh on some CBD gummies?

Depending on the type of CBD used, these edibles can help alleviate pain by targeting specific endocannabinoid receptors. This is why it’s important to visit a doctor or wellness professional first before you purchase and start taking these products. They will give you a better idea of how much CBD you can safely take and note any interactions with other medications you are currently taking.

Nourish Your Skin, Soothe Your Soul: The Ultimate Guide to BIOCBD+ Topical CBD Skincare

The best CBD gummies for pain relief are made with high-quality ingredients and will have an appealing flavor to them. Many of them are sweetened with natural ingredients like organic tapioca syrup and cane sugar. They may also be infused with other extracts that can add more flavor to the treat. Some brands may even include turmeric or ginger extract, which have natural anti-inflammatory properties that can help with inflammatory conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Some products, such as those from FOCL and Soul CBD, are formulated with a combination of THC and CBD to provide an even stronger pain-relieving effect. These gummies are specifically designed to target joint pain, and they contain 25mg of either full spectrum or broad spectrum CBD in each gummy. They are recommended for people who want to relieve pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia and other chronic conditions that cause joint or muscle pain.

Active Mile Daily Track

Active Mile Daily Track

Active Mile Daily Track is a 15 minute self-paced run or jog in fresh air that children do during the school day in primary schools across the Bailiwick. It is quick, social and inclusive in any weather and has been shown to improve children’s fitness levels and concentration in the classroom.

Several teachers reported that the implementation of the Daily Mile has led to improvements in the children’s behaviour, particularly in terms of concentration levels. However, there was also some evidence that the Daily Mile has been disruptive to the children’s learning and some teachers felt that it takes away from their classroom time.

The Power of Consistency: How to Stay Motivated with Your Active Mile Daily Track

In general, the teachers were very favorable towards the Daily Mile initiative and felt that it was worthwhile. The main barriers to participation were the weather and the availability of suitable running surfaces. Some schools lacked large greenspace, which meant that they could not do the Daily Mile in severe weather conditions. Other schools did not have safe all-weather surfaces so they were only able to do the Daily Mile on rainy days if they had access to indoor facilities.

The use of an Active Mile Daily Track Daily Mile Track on a school’s sloping playing field means one lap is equal to 1/6th of a mile, meaning students can cater their Daily Mile according to their individual needs. The Daily Mile can also be used as a competition tool to encourage students and motivate them to beat their friends’ laps.

MYTYoga Bali – 200-Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Located in the mystical island of Bali, this 200-hour yoga teacher training offers a truly transformative experience. Students will take part in daily classes and learn about the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga, as well as how to teach. The course is led by experienced teachers and has a small class size, so that each student can receive individualized attention. The program also includes a daily meditation and a weekend excursion. This link vinyasa yoga teacher training bali |

The program is all-inclusive and covers accommodation, meals, and airport transfers. It is held at a beautiful yoga shala overlooking the jungle and rice fields of Ubud. The shala is spacious and has a bamboo roof, giving it an exotic touch. In addition to focusing on Vinyasa Yoga, the course also teaches Yin Yoga and mindfulness meditation. Those who complete the program will be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance.

Discover the Heart of Yoga: MYTYoga’s Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, Indonesia

During the 200-hour course, you will learn about the history of yoga and its philosophy. You will also learn the Eight Limbs of Yoga from Patanjali, including yama and niyama, which are ethical guidelines for living a balanced life. You will also learn about yoga sutras and the anatomy of the body.

During this 200-hour YTT, you will immerse yourself in the culture of Ubud and its natural beauty. You will practice yoga in the midst of ornate temples, luscious rice fields, and traditional art. You will make connections with a global tribe of yogis and build friendships that last a lifetime.

Y2mate Review – Does Y2mate Contain Adware?


No one should visit sketchy websites that download adware, but it’s especially dangerous to do so if you don’t take the right precautions. These include using a professional ad blocker like AdBlock One and ensuring that your Mac is protected with a trusted internet security program (Norton offers great online protection).

y2mate contains lots of ads, links, and pop-ups that can prompt the installation of PUPs or drive-by download attacks on your Mac. Clicking on them can damage your computer.

What is Y2mate?

Y2mate is a free-to-use video downloader that allows users to download videos from YouTube and other popular sites. The website offers a variety of features and is easy to use. However, there are some limitations. For example, it can be slow and may not work with all websites. In addition, downloading copyrighted content may infringe on the rights of the creators.

The site also offers a variety of other services, such as Stogram, which lets users download Instagram photos, stories, and reels. In addition, it can save TikTok challenges, captions, whole accounts, hashtags, and song remixes. It also offers a free tier that allows users to download videos without ads.

While Y2mate is not a malicious site, it does contain various advertisements and may cause pop-ups. To protect yourself, we recommend using ad-blocking software and installing an antivirus to prevent malware infections. You can also use system optimization tools and PC repair tools to fix any damage caused by adware.

How to download YouTube videos with Y2mate

Y2mate is an online service that allows you to download videos from YouTube and other sites in a wide range of formats. It’s fast, easy to use, and completely free for all users. It also supports a variety of devices and browsers.

To get started, visit the Y2mate website and paste the link of the video you want to download into the search box. Select the desired file format and click “Start.” Once the download is complete, you can watch the video offline or share it with friends.

However, it’s important to note that Y2mate is not completely safe to use. The site often displays sponsored links to games and adult content, which can contain viruses and PUAs that can damage your PC. For this reason, it’s best to avoid using this online downloader and instead download videos with desktop downloading software programs to maximize your PC’s security. Using an ad blocker can also help you avoid viruses and other unwanted content from appearing on your computer.

Y2mate for Mac

Y2mate is an online video downloader for Mac that provides users with the ability to download and convert videos. The website is known for its easy-to-use interface and impressive selection of downloadable content. Users can easily download music, movies, and TV shows in a wide variety of file formats.

Unlike most popular video downloaders, Y2mate does not store any files on your computer. This makes it a safe and secure option for people who are concerned about losing important data. It is also an ideal choice for those who want to avoid potential privacy breaches, including identity theft and public Wi-Fi hacking.

Y2mate can be downloaded to your computer using BlueStacks, an Android emulator software program that allows you to run your favorite mobile apps on Windows or Mac OS computers. Once you have downloaded the program, follow the on-screen instructions to install it. After that, you can begin enjoying all of Y2mate’s features. However, you should be aware that the program may cause adware to install on your computer.

Y2mate for Android

Y2mate is an easy-to-use application that allows you to download videos from YouTube and other websites. It also has the ability to convert videos into MP3 audio files. Its free version is available in several languages and does not require any registration. However, it does contain some adware and may cause problems on your computer.

Moreover, Y2mate can be slow, especially when downloading large video files. It may also be difficult to use if you have an older Android phone or limited data plan. In addition, it doesn’t work on all sites, and some of them might block it.

Y2mate is legal to use, but it can be dangerous if you download copyrighted videos without permission. To avoid any potential issues, it’s best to use a trusted antivirus software and scan your computer before installing any apps. If you notice any malware on your computer, run a professional malware removal tool to get rid of it.

Some by Me Retinol For Some Intense Anti-Aging Care

Some by Me Retinol is a high-performance serum that helps reduce fine lines, unclog pores and boost skin elasticity. Its triple synergy of retinol, retinal and bakuchiol promotes the skin’s turnover process and stimulates collagen production for firmer, brighter and smoother complexion. The formula is enriched with 10 different sizes of Hyaluronic Acids that boost hydration while Niacinamide, Adenosine and Panthenol brighten the complexion and reinforce the skin barrier. The serum is free of drying alcohol, urea, mineral oil and parabens for an optimal performance without irritating the skin. Its patented Elastic-Liposome technology supports the efficient delivery of active ingredients deep into skin. The serum has completed skin irritation testing and is suitable for sensitive skin.

Some By Me Retinol Intense Reactivating Mask

A nourishing sheet mask that deeply moisturizes while delivering intensive anti-aging care for a brighter, firmer and more youthful complexion. The sheet is made of ultra-thin micro-fiber and infused with cream essence that penetrates easily into the skin. The formula is rich in Hyaluronic Acids that improve moisture retention while Niacinamide, Adenosine, Bifida Ferment and Panthenol provide additional nourishment. The mask is free of drying alcohol, urea and mineral oil.

After cleansing and toning, dispense an appropriate amount of the serum at the essence step and spread evenly on the face and neck. Pat gently to allow absorption.

How ECG devices help

how ECG devices help

Hospital or clinical-grade devices have electrodes and wire leads that a healthcare professional tapes to different parts of your body (like your chest, arms, and legs). An electrocardiograph machine then records and displays a trace on a screen. The tracing can detect changes in your heart rhythm or rate that may indicate disease. It’s important to tell the technician if you have allergies, as some adhesives can be uncomfortable. You will also need to remove your upper clothing for this test, as the electrodes must stick closely to your skin to measure your heart rhythm. You will be able to re-dress after the test.

A growing number of wearable electronics are being designed to monitor your heart health. These devices are typically designed to work with smartphone applications and allow you to store and share your results with your doctor. However, it’s important to note that these devices are not regulated by the FDA and do not have the same level of accuracy as a standard 12-lead ecg device. The accuracy of these devices depends on a number of factors including their sensitivity and specificity, which vary from device to device.

Empowering Seniors: The Role of ECG Devices in Aging Gracefully

In one study funded by Apple, an ECG app on the Apple Watch detected abnormal pulse signals in 34% of participants, indicating that these devices can help with early detection of atrial fibrillation. This can reduce the number of unnecessary readmissions to hospitals for patients with arrhythmias, freeing up rooms for other patients in crowded hospital settings.