USCIS Interview Questions For Marriage-Based Green Card Applications

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USCIS interview questions marriage

If your USCIS interview questions marriage -based green card application is approved, you and your spouse will attend a USCIS interview. The officer will ask about your relationship, how you met, details of the proposal, and other things to help establish that your marriage is authentic and that you are not trying to use it as a way to enter or remain in the United States illegally. This article will outline the questions you might be asked during your interview and provide some tips on how to prepare for it.

If the officer treats your interview as if it were a normal adjustment of status or immigrant visa interview, you will probably only be asked a few basic questions such as where you met, how long you date before getting married, and what type of wedding you had. If, on the other hand, the officer becomes suspicious of your marriage and believes that you are using it for immigration purposes, she or he will likely ask more questions.

Navigating the USCIS Marriage Interview: Top Questions and How to Ace Them

In addition to the questions that fit into one of the categories above, you may also be asked about how you and your spouse get around (cars, public transportation, etc.), how often you eat out, what kinds of entertainment you enjoy, who takes care of the finances, where your spouse works and when, and many other topics. There is no set list of questions that USCIS or consular officers are required to ask, and they seem free to add their own questions as needed in the course of the interview.

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