Top Picks For pH Balance Supppositories

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Product Description

pH balance suppositories are capsules containing lactobacilli, which can help keep your vagina’s pH balanced. If your vagina’s pH level is off, you may experience a variety of symptoms including odor, itching, discomfort, and yeast or bacterial vaginosis infections.

Taking pH boric balance | GetFlowerPower suppositories can help you keep your vagina healthy, but it’s also important to understand how they work. We’ll discuss what they are, why you might want to take them, and our top picks for the best ph balance suppositories on the market!

PRO-pH suppositories by CanPrev are acid-reducing (alkalizing) vegetable capsules that can be taken as needed to support a healthy vaginal pH. CanPrev’s unique formulation is made with all-natural spirulina and has approximately twice the acid-neutralizing capacity of most other pH-balancing products.

The Role of pH Balance Suppositories in Vaginal Health

BoriCap naturally pure & gentle boric acid suppositories are clinically proven to create pH balance and tackle the root of vaginal odors & infections. They’re easy to use & start working immediately!

BONUS: Contains natural lactic acid to balance odor causing bacteria.

A woman pharmacist developed these suppositories to provide a solution for women who struggle with vaginal pH balance and vaginal odors. They are safe and effective, trusted by millions of women.

OLLY’s probiotics are formulated with two female-focused strains of lactobacilli, which can support healthy flora in your cervix. These supplements are free of flavors, colors, or sweeteners from artificial sources and are available in a convenient, single-serve format that you can take daily.

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