The Rockstar Strain

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Rockstar strain , from Bonguru Beans, took second place in the 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup hybrid category, making a name for itself and its creator. This strain offers a balanced high with an initial motivation and uplifting mental buzz that is mellowed out by a relaxing Indica body sensation.

How powerful is OG Kush?

The medical marijuana community has reported that this strain is very effective in relieving stress and anxiety as well as easing pain, especially from chronic conditions like fibromyalgia and arthritis. This euphoric, mood-lifting weed can also be used to help with insomnia, allowing users to sleep better and more soundly. It has sedative properties that ease muscle spasms or tremors and also reduces inflammation and mild to moderate cases of depression. In addition, it is also useful in treating loss of appetite and the munchies that come with it.

This kush-like strain is known for its intense pungent, kush-like aromas that are spiced with notes of citrus. It has a flavor profile that carries on with the citrus, offering notes of spicy grapes and lemons that can be quite fruity as well. When smoked, this marijuana strain provides a smooth smoke that leaves a nice coating of trichomes on the end of the hit.

Rockstar marijuana seeds produce plants that are very easy to grow in either soil or hydroponics. These plants will usually be ready to harvest in about eight to nine weeks indoors, with a yield of up to half a pound per plant. Outdoors, these plants can reach two meters tall and may yield a bit more as they mature.

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