Heavy Duty Swivel Caster

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Typically found in industrial applications, heavy duty swivel casters are designed for the transportation of large items. They allow workers to maneuver carts into small spaces and turn large loads. These casters have a wheel diameter of up to 500 mm, a kingpin, and a double row ball bearing. They are also very durable.

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These casters are available in many different versions. Rigid models feature reinforced 3/8″ x 5″ plate steel legs. They are continuous welded inside and outside to 1/2″ thick mounting plates.

Maxi-Duty heavy caster company is designed to handle loads of up to 10 tons. They are made from grey cast iron and are suitable for applications that require high durability and a smooth rolling action. They can also handle temperatures up to 270 deg C.

The Enhanced Precision Super Duty (EPSD) Series is an all-new caster. It features new dies, tooling, and bolt pattern. It also features slotted holes and a larger top plate.

Heavy duty casters are available in rigid, spring loaded, and brake casters. They are recommended for dollies, furniture trucks, and carts. They are also ideal for distribution centers and industrial manufacturing.

Besides being highly durable, heavy duty swivel castor wheels are also ideal for smooth surfaces. They provide smooth rolling action and reduce the risk of injuries.

They are also available in PVC rubber type wheels, which absorb shock and make no noise while moving. In addition, these casters feature a 360 degree rotation.

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