Elephant Baby Gifts

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elephant baby gifts

Elephant baby gifts are a popular option for moms-to-be, and you can find them in everything from blankets to stuffed toys. Give the mom-to-be an elephant themed gift she’ll love to treasure forever!

Taking photos of newborns is always fun, and a baby gift that’s photo-ready will make an ideal addition to any nursery. This woven blanket of heirloom quality, featuring an adorable elephant image, coordinates with any color to be the perfect backdrop for cute snapshots of your little one.

Newborn calves (baby elephants) stick close to their mothers for a few days after birth, relying more on their sense of smell and sound than sight. They also learn to use their trunks, much like human babies learn how to hold up their arms.

The Best Elephant-Themed Baby Gifts for Your Little One

Baby elephants eat their mother’s milk exclusively for the first six months, then gradually shift to other foods for a few years after that. They drink up to three gallons of milk a day, and occasionally even more.

A newborn calf weighs 200-300 pounds. By the time they’re fully grown, they can weigh up to 15,000 pounds!

Female elephants are pregnant for up to 22 months, making them the mammal with the longest pregnancy period.

A newborn calf will usually stay with its mother for the first year of its life, and herd members often rally around her when she’s experiencing a difficult pregnancy. This is a sign of the loving and nurturing nature of elephant parents. It’s also a great example of how animals can learn and grow from each other.

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