Carpet Pre Spray

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carpet pre spray

Pre-spraying can save time, cost and labor. It also allows the cleaning chemical to dwell on the carpet, resulting in increased effectiveness of extraction.

Choosing the Right Product

The most important thing to consider when purchasing a carpet pre spray | TMF Store pre spray is the type of soiling it will be used on and the amount of traffic lane area it will be applied to. A lighter pre-spray may be more appropriate for general maintenance cleans, while a heavier pre-spray is better for heavily soiled traffic lanes.

Using the Right Injection, Pump-Up or Electric Style Chemical Sprayer

The best method to apply a carpet pre spray is with an injection, pump-up, or electric style chemical sprayer. This method ensures an even application of the product and enables proper application and distribution over an entire area without leaving any residue behind.

Maximizing Your Carpet Cleaning Results: The Benefits of Using a Carpet Pre-Spray

The ideal dwell time for any carpet pre spray is 5 to 10 minutes. This allows the product to loosen traffic lane soils prior to extraction or rotary brush shampooing, allowing the extraction machine to remove the dirt and stains more effectively.

Our heavy-duty pre spray, Flex, is the strongest liquid in the Bridgepoint Systems line and dissolves tough soils quickly. It is safe on commercial and residential carpets, including stain resistant nylon, wool and polypropylene. It is formulated with non-butyl solvents and biodegradable surfactants to assist in the removal of oily soils and light greases. It is a perfect companion for hot water extraction and VLM/pad encap cleaning and can be used on any professional cleaning system.

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