Buying Mushrooms Online Canada

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A growing body of medical research has shown that psilocybin can be a powerful treatment for conditions such as depression and anxiety. But the federal government still lists the psychoactive drug as Schedule III, which only allows selected medical patients to possess it under a ministerial exemption or as part of a clinical trial. That discrepancy in Canadian drug law has opened the door to shopfronts that sell mushroom products to consumers, like Toronto-based psilocybin chain Shroomyz and Montreal’s Fun Guyz, as well as online stores such as SHAFAA(r) and Mushrooms Canada. URL

While buying shrooms online canada isn’t technically legal, many buyers have found that using a few tips to select a trustworthy vendor and verify product quality is possible and even enjoyable. This article will cover some of the key points to keep in mind when shopping for shrooms and other psychoactive drugs on the web.

Privacy and Discretion: How Online Shroom Retailers Protect Canadian Buyers

The e-commerce industry for mushrooms is similar to the one that spawned cannabis sales when it was decriminalized, said Ottawa lawyer Eugene Oscapella. But it’s not clear if police will take action to shut down shops selling magic mushrooms, he said, adding that the ministry may have other priorities for how to spend its resources. If police raided a shop, it could be for reasons such as noise complaints or reports that the store was selling to minors.

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