Advanced Facebook Ads Tactics For 2020

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Advanced Facebook Ads Tactics is constantly expanding its offerings for business advertisers. If you want to crush the competition in 2020, some advanced Facebook ads tactics will be essential.

Understand Your Audience

The best tip I can offer you for getting the most out of your Facebook ads is to spend some time getting to know your audience. Understanding what makes them tick will help you to usher them closer to your product and increase the chance of them buying. It may seem like a waste of time to spend hours researching your ideal customer, but trust me when I say the investment will pay off.

Mastering the Art: Advanced Facebook Ads Tactics for Elevated Performance

Prioritize Conversions

The Facebook Ads platform allows you to prioritize certain events that you want the algorithm to optimize for at the campaign and ad set level. This will help to keep your campaign costs in control and improve the chances that your Facebook ads will be seen.

One great way to do this is with dynamic retargeting. For example, if a user has browsed red dresses and accessories on your website, you can produce an ad that shows them the exact products they have been looking at–this is called dynamic product ads. E-commerce company Nomorerack used this strategy and saw CTRs go up 42% and cost per acquisition decrease by 40%.

Another way to prioritize conversions is by using Facebook’s Ad Asset Customization tool. You can do this by clicking the Edit Placements button when at the ad set level of your campaign. By doing this you can limit the number of people your ads will be shown to and increase their relevance.

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