Active Mile Daily Track

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Active Mile Daily Track

Active Mile Daily Track is a 15 minute self-paced run or jog in fresh air that children do during the school day in primary schools across the Bailiwick. It is quick, social and inclusive in any weather and has been shown to improve children’s fitness levels and concentration in the classroom.

Several teachers reported that the implementation of the Daily Mile has led to improvements in the children’s behaviour, particularly in terms of concentration levels. However, there was also some evidence that the Daily Mile has been disruptive to the children’s learning and some teachers felt that it takes away from their classroom time.

The Power of Consistency: How to Stay Motivated with Your Active Mile Daily Track

In general, the teachers were very favorable towards the Daily Mile initiative and felt that it was worthwhile. The main barriers to participation were the weather and the availability of suitable running surfaces. Some schools lacked large greenspace, which meant that they could not do the Daily Mile in severe weather conditions. Other schools did not have safe all-weather surfaces so they were only able to do the Daily Mile on rainy days if they had access to indoor facilities.

The use of an Active Mile Daily Track Daily Mile Track on a school’s sloping playing field means one lap is equal to 1/6th of a mile, meaning students can cater their Daily Mile according to their individual needs. The Daily Mile can also be used as a competition tool to encourage students and motivate them to beat their friends’ laps.

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