A Fresh Perspective From the CEO of The Washington Center For Real Estate & Entrepreneurship

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C. Nicole Mason has been named one of the World s 50 Greatest Women of World History by Fortune Magazine. Previously named one of America s 50 Best Leaders by Fortune Magazine, she is currently the president and CEO of the Institute for Women s Policy Research. Having stepped into this role in November 2021, Dr. Mason has achieved quite the feat in her lifetime.

nicole mason

During her tenure as the president of IWPR, Nicole Mason has also served as a senior fellow at the Center for American Women Businesses and as a member of the board of directors of New Economy Associates. Additionally, she was an associate professor at the Washington University School of Business for two years. As the youngest person currently leading one of the largest think tanks in the world, it is easy to understand why many people consider Nicole Mason to be a visionary and trailblazer. She is a strong believer in the value of women in business and public service, which makes her a valuable addition to any management team.

Prior to taking over as the president and CEO of IWPR, Nicole Mason served as the president and CEO of C.N. Global, a company that provided a number of solutions to the global community. In this capacity, she was responsible for turning around the fortunes of C.N. Global, which she did with the help of financial sponsors, aggressive advertising, and an effective management team.

While serving as the president and CEO of IWPR, Nicole Mason has also served as the executive director of The Policy Center for the Supervision of Public Sector Universities and Colleges at Washington University in St. Louis, Mo. She has also served as the policy director for The American Association of Business Women, which is dedicated to empowering all women-owned businesses throughout the nation. In addition to being a policy director for the policy center, she has also served as the communications director for The American Institute of Politics at George Washington University. The fact that she has also served as the communications director for the state of Missouri and as a communications director for the City College of New York indicate that her wide range of experience truly qualifies her to lead a company that represents one of our nation’s most storied brands.

Nicole Mason’s leadership skills as the CEO and chairwoman of IWPR are noteworthy. Additionally, she brings a fresh perspective to bear when dealing with difficult business decisions regarding college affordability, workforce development, and racial equity in education. Her leadership role as the founding CEO and chairwoman of The Policy Center for the Supervision of Public Sector Universities and Colleges is impressive. Her initiatives aimed at the integration of higher education, workforce training and workforce development in underserved communities and colleges are noteworthy.

Nicole Mason has undoubtedly demonstrated that she possesses the vision to lead the charge on advancing a comprehensive educational reform agenda. Her extensive track record as an entrepreneur and businesswoman clearly demonstrate her ability to evaluate complicated problems and devise comprehensive solutions. Further, her efforts at the intersections of women’s and business issues bring with them a fresh perspective that is relevant to women as well as to CEOs. Her leadership position at The Washington Center for Real Estate & Entrepreneurship is an example of what can be accomplished when you take a no-nonsense, no-excuse style approach to developing solid educational strategies.

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