Day: March 11, 2024

Labdanum Perfume Review

Feigen as ladanum or ladanon, labdanum is the thick brown resin extracted from the cistus shrubs of the species “Cistus ladanifer” and ”Cistus creticus”, which are members of the rock rose family. The resin has a strong musk-like aroma, making it an important fixative oil for perfumers and also serving as a substitute for animal musk in some fragrances. It is also a valuable component of natural herbal medicine and is used in many beauty products.

Laboratorydanum is a natural UV-protective, with the absolute and diterpenoid fractions showing spectrophotometric SPF values close to 5, as well as anti-inflammatory properties, inhibiting the production of NO in LPS-stimulated RAW 264.7 cells by 40% (Figure S2). Furthermore, the flavonoid and methylated diterpenoid fractions showed significant inhibition of elastase activity, thereby suggesting their potential to promote skin health in cosmetic skincare formulations.

Sensory Branding: The Influence of Scent Marketing”

This scent opens with a bright, rich frankincense from India to keep true to the original purpose for which labdanum was first used, in ancient Egyptian incense blends during religious rituals and ceremonies. Then we add a dark aged patchouli to support the earthy, herbal and slightly fougere character of labdanum with a beautiful French lavender absolute to bring out its softness and powdery aspect. Ultimately, the fragrance dries down to a combination of labdanum and amber, creating a sexy, sensual, and alluring ambiance.