Keep ‘Em Coming: Reader Reviews of Born Bright HIGHLIGHTS

Before Born Bright was published, I was warned by my editor, literary agent and many others to NOT read reviews of the book. BUT, I did anyway and I have to say I have been deeply moved. The reviews have been very thoughtful and a true reflection of all I hoped to gain by writing the book. I hoped to tell a different story about about poverty and the American Dream, connect my story with the story of others both here and abroad, and to inspire action on all levels of our society.

Here are a few of the reviews:

“This is an important book, both for what it tells the world about how poverty looks from the inside out. “Born Bright” means more than the fact that she was intellectually bright – almost all children entering schools are bright with hope and expectations, eagerness to learn, and open to new experiences. The fact that so many children that she knew were squelched by poverty and by the attitudes of the people they encountered especially in school serves as an indictment of our current policies.

I appreciate the author’s courage in telling “her story, warts and all. Now that she is a professional talking about poverty, she can have a large impact on how we think. I have given my copy of the book to our local library, which often lacks books on this topic.” –Beth

“This is an excellent dose of reality for anyone who lives in this country and wants to learn about our neighbors. We often judge without knowing why people make certain decisions and the context in which those decisions are made. The author did a wonderful job discussing why some people “make it” and so many of us don’t.

This book should be required reading for college students majoring in sociology, social work, or any career that requires them to work with the public.” –Veronica

“I came across this book on a GoodReads recommendation list and checked it out from my local library. Once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down. Nicole’s story of her childhood, poverty, and finding her way out was written so beautifully and with great honesty and vulnerability.

This book is something every politician, policy maker, teacher, and community leader need to read to better understand the scope of poverty. I highly recommend this book for both the every day person who loves a good memoir and for those who want to get fired up about creating real change in our broken systems.” –Andrea

“Nicole Mason’s haunting true story about growing up in and around LA in poverty is a book that needed to be written. One quote from the book, “Inequality has become embedded in most, if not all, of the institutions and systems that govern our society. The pain and the burden of these inequalities, however, are felt most by those with the least power, resources, and mobility in our society.” –Karyn

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