BIG THINK: Want to Know What Causes Poverty? Hint: It’s not Just Money

What Causes Poverty? Nscreen-shot-2016-09-30-at-10-05-11-pmot a Lack of Money, but a Lack of Social Relationships


When people think of poverty they think in terms of money and material resources, but a large part of being poor is suffering from a lack of social connections and networks, and living in a low-income area with no infrastructure that enables the leap up to the middle class.

If institutions and leaders want to support and elevate poor communities, Mason argues that they need to provide better infrastructure (like libraries, parks, good grocery stores, and hospitals) as well as bridging programs both within the community and, very importantly, outside of it, so people can get in contact with people outside of their normal social network. “We just need to be honest about what it really takes for everybody to have a fair shot at the American Dream,” she says.

To view the video, please click here: Big Think: What Causes Poverty?


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