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How and Why Girls are Getting Pushed Out of School

How and Why Girls are Getting Pushed Out of School, and what should be done about it: An Interview with Monique W. Morris and C. Nicole Mason   “The full inclusion of Black Girls in the conversation about school discipline, pushout, and criminalization is important because it affects them—and their well-being is worthy of investment.” --Monique Morris, author of PUSHOUT and co-founder of the National Black Women’s Justice Institute In her new groundbreaking book, PUSHOUT, [...]

BUSTLE: 7 Things To Know When Talking About Poverty And Social Justice, Based On ‘Born Bright

The United States government once declared war on poverty, but we have never been able to stamp it out. The problem continues, constraining the lives of some 47 million Americans and impeding any semblance of social justice. Being able to talk about the issue in the abstract is a luxury many do not have. In the new nonfiction book Born Bright: A Young Girl’s Journey from Nothing to Something in America, author C. Nicole Mason [...]

C. Nicole Mason & Vanessa DeLuca, Editor-in-Chief, ESSENCE Magazine at the Schomburg in NYC

On September 15, 2016, Vanessa DeLuca, Editor-in-Chief of ESSENCE Magazine and I had a an amazing and thought provoking conversation at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in New York City. Charlene Carruthers, National Director of BYP100 read selections from Born Bright. To view a clip of the event, click here. 

Against All Odds: My Journey from Nothing to Something in America

*Originally Published at The expectations for my life were carved out before I could have ever begun to imagine what I might want for myself. I suppose this is true for all children, including those born into privilege. As a brown-skinned girl born to a teenage mother, I had a low bar of success. No one in my family had finished high school, and because we were poor, I did not expect much more [...]