How to disrupt expectations | C. Nicole Mason

What happens when we disrupt the path that society has paved for us based on stereotypes and stigma? We get dubbed “difficult.” Author C. Nicole Mason encourages us all to be difficult and create our own expectations for the life we want to live. She breaks it down for us in this powerful talk, framing it through the three disruptions that shaped her life. TEDArchive presents previously unpublished talks from TED conferences. Enjoy this unedited [...]

Nicole Writes about what Unites, not Divides the Working Class in the Washington Post

When “Roseanne” premiered in 1988, I was among the millions of Americans who tuned in weekly to watch the Conners navigate life in the Midwest. Although I was a kid in Los Angeles, thousands of miles from the fictional Lanford, Ill., the show’s humorous, caustic portrayal of a working-class family…Click here to read the rest. 

Race, Class & The Power of Storytelling at the Aspen Institute

On December 6, I was in conversation with Jonathan Capehart, member of the Washington Post Editorial Board and MSNBC contributor at the Aspen Institute. We had the opportunity to touch on a range of topics including the power of stories and narratives to build a more inclusive and equitable society. The audience was deeply engaged and asked important questions about how we might work together across communities and differences to ensure all children have a fair [...]

BIG THINK: Want to Know What Causes Poverty? Hint: It’s not Just Money

What Causes Poverty? Not a Lack of Money, but a Lack of Social Relationships   When people think of poverty they think in terms of money and material resources, but a large part of being poor is suffering from a lack of social connections and networks, and living in a low-income area with no infrastructure that enables the leap up to the middle class. If institutions and leaders want to support and elevate poor communities, [...]